I do not lay claim to the yellow flowers
That they have petals by the sun gilded
And  that  cornflowers are blue, not red.

Sometimes I wonder and ask:
“What would I look like, who would I be,
If I were  born in another time and place ?”

I know there are things and beings
That  will never change.
The world is diverse
And  I appreciate this color tone exceedingly


We are created in the image and likeness of nature.
We fit in as small pieces, a mosaic in the surrounding reality,
adapting ourselves in colours and shapes.

Scandinavians’ blue eyes reflect the cold waters of the post-glacial lakes
Desert sands sift through the brown eyes of the Arabs
Green fields and forests bloom in the eyes of the Central-Europeans.

The various skin colours shield us from the sun rays,
but our blood is always the colour of bright red.
People are united by the need of love, understanding of the otherness.

Life presents an infinite choice of offers.
Capriciously and unpredictably, it likes the beauty of perfect symmetry.
From the pool of genes it chooses the next variation of the human.


I dyed my hair black
Colored contact lenses made my eyes brown
Instant tanning lotion made my skin olive-hued

The mirror reflects a dark-skinned, ravishing brunette  beauty
The blue-eyed, pale-skinned blonde vanished
I can see the same person

Alicja Kuberska

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