there`s nothing so vivid
than our different hues...
emerged in sky`s storms
in the break of the day
and in sun settings...
in the bluest light
or in the most brilliant fire ball...
oh, darling of all darlings,
we are such different individuals
...and that`s why it`s so exceptional...
we are able to complete each other
like the key to the lock...
in such a unique
and evolutionary way...
would you accept this challenge?
`cause this love
can only be consumed
in completion...
taken from a black and white movie...

(© LiterAnART-10/01/2016)


What is a race?
…a color, a straw
A body and face
Put together in a raw, beautiful form
The human body and its thorn…
Together in petals built
aren`t we all filled…?
Like roses in a school yard
Where children grow
And are being discharged
Of adult resentments…
And a conscious lack in favors…
For its own good
And humanity`s food
…for thought…

What is a race
If not a human face?
(© LiterAnART-08/06/2016)


The leaders are fighters
Are dreamers of their existence
Their boundaries are real
To their voice and passion...
Their boundaries are real
To their creativity and inspiration
For others...

The leaders are fighters
Are dreamers of their existence
In a way that only the Universe
Can conquer their empowerment...
And rely on their commitment.



destruction ahead
why can`t we be fed
with more of the truth
justice and again...the roof
above our heads
to remain certain...
and discharge ourselves
from the war...
let the nature alone!
animals and air
are all in despair
trees and the waters
are sunk in "it`s not fair!"
people and colors
let them unite
in no racism but rainbows
wow, what an amazing sight!

can`t you notice the tears
of human kind
and its fears?


What`s the word
To define the world?
Gravity, complexity,
Commitment, empowerment…
The world needs us as humans
Better said, not fuels
For discrimination
Racism… what is a Nation?
United we all claim to be
As we are all humans
Just let it be…
Like this…human kind
With rights and characters,
Dreamers and believers
On a better planet…
Racism we disclaim
Let us refrain
What a human right is
Respect and belief
That we all come together
In peace and relief.

(© Literanart-09/06/2016)
COUNTRY: Romania
CITY:  Ploiesti

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