She saw my tear- stained face
As she stood in the staircase
And asked, "Child what's wrong ?
Upset ? Come, I'll sing you a song."

I looked at Mamma with tearful eyes
Perhaps she could hear my silent cries.
"Mamma",  I asked, "Are we from an inferior race ?
Is that why I face this daily disgrace ?"

I wanted to hug her and shout
Then bursting into tears, I blurted out :
"Today, my school mates jeerred at me again
When I tried to join them in their game.
'Blacko! That's your nickname !
You Blacko ! Blackcrow ! Shame ! Shame !
You look like a pig and u do stink !
And look at you hair !
All in a kink !
Look at your skin !  eeks ! O so black !
What you need is a hard kick and a whack !'

Sometimes they call me Zombie or a creep
I move to a corner & silently weep.
Today, they pinched me
and kicked my 'behind'
The reason I just could not find !
Look ! there's blood on my shirt !
Oh ! I feel so terribly hurt !!"

Pulling me close, Mamma sighed :
"Son ! Many a night I too have prayed and cried !
Your forefathers faced such humiliation too !
Their lives were full of agony and blue !
But one day, my child
These chains of racism will snap !
No one will fall into this hateful trap !
Whole Mankind will sing of unity
Of love, peace and fraternity.
These clouds of gloom will away roll
Humanity  will focus on a common goal.
A new dawn will then unfold.
And the 'Blacks' will stand confident and bold.
Then we shall be like the birds - so carefree !
Like them
'Born free' !
Like them'
'Living Free' !
Like them
'Forever Free' !

That night for the first time
I could hear the winds sweetly chime
I slept in peace and perfect bliss
And felt an angel's loving kiss.


"Next Candidate", I heard the peon call
As all sat waiting in the silent hall.
Entering , he stared at me for a while
Then he greeted me with a nervous smile.

Repelled by his sight
I gripped my chair's arms
With all my might.
Feelings of hatred surged through me,
Disgust and repulsion over – whelmed me.
My harsh feelings could not be quelled
And my mind silently yelled :
"How dare you ! How dare you !
Stand  here for an interview !
You junk ! You creep !" was my silent remark.
"Look at your skin ! So ugly and dark !

You are a Black, of inferior race
Wish I could insult you and disgrace.
How can I employ you in my firm ?
In the society, you are like a germ !"
But  all I could do was my forehead crease
And say, "Your introduction, please !"

He answered with superb ease and skill
To my every query, every grill.
His documents were fine
And his qualifications too
By now, I was angry
My resentment grew ...

The interview over, I told him to wait.
My friend's son was the next candidate
His records were unimpressive and poor
But his smiled – for he knew
He would get the job, for sure.
A worthless lout was  he
Couldn't answer my questions, you see.

My  work over, I sat  alone
"Oh ! I am confused !", my mind did groan
Whom to select ? Whom to choose ?
Or shall I snap this racial noose ?"

"Show me the light, Lord
Show me the light !
This inner struggle  I
Can no longer fight !"

All of a sudden, in a flash
My inner turmoil ended, my inner clash !
I recalled that morning's church mass
And the priest's words :
"Why this discrimination of race and class ?"

Then I sat silently, shedding many a tear
Jesus's words resounded clearly in my ear :
"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brother
That you do unto me and my Father !"

Then years of hatred were swept away
Gentle feelings now took the way.
I saw this "Black" in a new light
There was no barrier now
Between "Black" and "White".

I called him in and looked
Into his eyes
And saw humanity's
Silent cries !
"Mr. Billy Thaws
This job is all yours !
You are the new P.A.
Please sign all the papers today."

That night as I
Looked at the stars
I pondered –
Why this discrimination ? Why these wars ?
God has created the Black
The Brown and the White
Then why this hatred ? Why this fight ?

Lets break and snap
The racist's jaws
And love men like
Billy Thaws.
Lets walk together
Hand- in –hand
And make this earth
A Peaceful Land.


Racism is a Stigma
On the face of humanity.
This vice has shattered
Peace, happiness  and unity .
It is  like a festering wound, a shame
Time to stop this hateful game !

Ugly  minds make this discrimination:
“We are superior and you of inferior nation!”
Racial chains cut into the heart deep
Can`t you hear the hapless silently weep?
Talents are crushed, ambition shattered.
The underprivileged in every way are battered.

How often they face discrimination!
What a blot on human civilisation !
All are created by the same Almighty  God
Then whey do you find them inferior?
Why do you find them  odd?

Oh ! The torture and the pain
With your bias what will you gain?
Your racist attitude is  a shame!
Tell me
How long on this earth will you remain?

Families should good values teach
To hapless brothers how to reach.
The teachers should also play a role
That fraternity  should be our common goal.
Why should you mock ,why should you frown?
All are brothers
The Black ,The White and the Brown.

If you love Jesus
And remember his thorny crown
Then all barriers will come
Crashing down!
Lets live with love and amity
Hearts filled with compassion and pity
Then one day Peace will follow

  Kamal Jahan Begum

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