This world is enriched with richness of every treasure,
To feed our needs of every nature and every measure.
Why do then sufferings triumph over the faces of all?
Why do humanity chokes and humans bear humanly fall?
All are blessed creation of the Lord still curses hover over all,
All live in pain of varied origin though cure is within their call.

Some suffer for darkness in colour and some for their fairness,
Some suffer for lack of riches and some for lack of awareness.
Some suffer for being few amidst others that are in large number.
Some for being duteous amidst those who love to be in slumber.
Some suffer for following faith that the majority don’t follow,
Some for being fast amidst those who loves to remain slow.

Some suffers for respecting the voice of their own conscience.
Some for practising profession that suits not the other minds.
Some suffers for moving around carefree in the finest of attire,
Some for professing the right and dousing the ill-warming fire.
Some suffers for pursuing excellence and failing the wrong doers.
Some for being incompetent and being burden on bread earners.

I wonder how such imperfection stains the arts of the Lord,
And all values and virtues are by His creations abhorred.
World that He created with care has only vices to share,
Indiscriminate discrimination and sufferings are the only flare.
Blessed by the Lord but cursed by human is the humanity,
Sufferings are more prominent today than blessings of the Almighty.


Tell us O’ blessed creations of the Lord,
What pleasure you gain by giving us pain?
Just for difference of our speech and words,
Why do you call us insane worthy only of disdain?

You claim yourself as learned but still abound in errors,
You fail to vision the human in us for difference of colours.
You pretend to be cultured as if every wisdom from you throng.
Still you lack the wit to distinguish the right from the wrong.

You possess all virtues but relishes the warmth of their pyre,
Pyre that lits all your vices and fuels with their ceaseless ire.
Is it the testimony of your supremacy that you claim since long.
The Almighty created us all but you disobey His will and call yourself strong.

Do you feel that the Lord created us differently,
With difference in our needs, feeds and deeds.
But the reality lies with the possession of wealth,
That earns respect irrespective of colour or creed.

You give us pain but what pains more is your love for the senseless,
Your wealth that promises you no loyalty earns your every care,
While we, the wretched ones; who promises you our every breathe,
Gains only pains by your flaring words that mocks every glare.

Tell us, don’t you ever feel the presence of Almighty’s essence in us.
Why do you feel pain if we celebrate any ceremony with pomp and show?
Why do you take pride in shouting at us when respect is only that we show?
Will you ever befriend us or your hatred will continue to blow our humanly glow.


None on earth do what the Lord has decreed,
And bring shame to His toils by their inhumanly deeds.
Deeds that follows immoral and amoral chase,
Deeds that suits neither the time nor the place.
Deeds that has no signs of the duty’s law.
Deeds that brings no bliss but creates flaw.
Deeds that never guides any good to the doer,
Deeds that enriches the rich and starves the poor.
Endless such deeds exist that brings shame to our existence,
And the worst is that such deeds flourishes with no resistance.
Wake up O’ the best of creations, with wit and wisdom that are graced;
Feel the plight of humanity and pledge that such curses be only traced,
In history book of future generations and they live life bereft of such haze.
Let’s work to earn them life that chokes inhumanity amidst humanly blaze.

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