there is so much I hold inside

enough to reach the lowest valleys

and highest mountainside

so I share my love with you

everyone in the world come here

what I have to say is true

I shout it across the ocean and sea

as I want every person to hear

you are all a part of me

blessings to you wherever you are

you hold the key to my bottomless heart

and you are my bright shining star

my love expands across the earth

it's more than my heart can possibly hold

because of you each day is new rebirth

thank you for being the part of me

the part I cannot go one day without

I just wanted the whole world to see


the mind is a raging river

that descends into the depths of man's heart

we tend to pass over the popping lilacs

and step into the mire

wiping our feet with mocking laughter

instead of with loving hearts

what we forget is the beauty

of mankind and what blessings we've beheld

as we continue a journey that leads

to forbidden lands and darker worlds

racism is only the beginning

of the darkness that grows more and more dreary

it leads to doors shut in the face

armor tight hearts that refuse to open

and to a world that we fear

instead of the once adoration of purple lilacs

red roses that bloom in the fields

poisoned by the hatred of mankind

and all that is now offered by this cruel world

help us to fight against those that refuse

to believe and to understand

just say 'hi' and wave a friendly hand

in the air with a smile or give a laugh

to someone in need of a little humor

let's stand to protect those that need protection

let's fight for those who cannot fight

let's be the path that is laid among the daisies

and stretch forth to change such a cruel world

we are who are and that's all we'll ever be


falling as the rain from the sky

I look at the world and wonder why

so many have let it come to this

world of anger and pain - snakes that hiss

in the faces of those that try to love

to show the world a gift from above

my teardrops fell like rain today

the pain I feel just won't go away

rage, anger, racism, too many scars

interfere with what and who we are

it hurts to see what's taught or tried

so I keep myself barred up inside

thus, I can't see the world's pain

until I open that closed door again

teardrops falling as my heart breaks in two

so much influence and I know not what to do

if I could but just win this one fight

that is all I would ask this very night

against those that hate, ridicule or despise

against those with blood stained eyes

help me fight so that love can win

and wipe out all the hatred and its sin

then maybe tonight when I lie in bed

I can sleep peacefully when I lay my head

and dream about a world of lollipops and smiles

that spread abroad for miles and miles

hold me tight and stand by my side

as we triumph over ignorance and pride

may racism fall down upon its face

and splatter tortured dreams all over the place

thank you, Dear Friend, wherever you are

thank you, My Neighbor, both near and far

Debbie Embrey


  1. wow your poetry is amazing and wonderful as always..

    1. Muuuuahhh!! Thank you, Sweetie! You are quite amazing as well! Hugzzz!! :)