I am for unity and oneness in the world
I am against division all because of one’s race, color, skin, gender, nationality, and ideologies
In a world full of discrimination everywhere we lay our eyes on,
Disparity among mankind is but an ugly depiction of a changing world.

Despite one’s color, one must be embraced and accepted among a flock of different souls
You and I are brothers and sisters even if we are born in far different continents
For we belong to one definite Oneness in the Universe,
You and I came from the same old origin of life.

Oneness in the world, will this just be merely a dream?
The choice is ours to take if we agree to respect and embrace each other despite our many differences
Oneness in the world, will you be joining my advocacy of promoting unity among nations?
Oneness in the world is what the world needs now, the choice is ours somehow.

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

You and the others come from different places
Born from different parents, originated from different ancestors
Your color is different from them
But it doesn’t mean you are inferior and they are far more superior than you are.

What is the color of the skin but a mere mix of hues on the surface?
It doesn’t matter if you are black and you get to mix among a flock of whites
God created each one of us uniquely and that we are all equal in his eyes
Man is just the one who builds walls against each other, an ugly truth.

Color is merely on the surface and one’s character is still the best gauge
What kind of person you are which is goes deeper
Color is but a sign of division discriminating something or someone
Who possess an odd skin tone far different from the stereotypical they get to know.
Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

I dream of a world without all kinds of discrimination
Where we are free to be ourselves and leave behind the mask we used to wear
To live freely without worrying that we will not be accepted to some place
Because we look weird and think differently  than the others.

The perfect world I dream of is a world in unity
Where every person is entitled to live the life he desires to have
Without fear of being ridiculed, being left out, or being insulted because of his skin
Yes, a world devoid of chaos but is just overflowing with love for one another.

My world in unity can be achieved and will not just be a far-fetched dream
If we all agree to look way past physical appearances, and other barriers
Which keeps us apart from our other brothers and sisters
A world in unity is what we all need now.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

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