The pain of life
Brings hurt all the way around
Of the brave that I am not,
In the grip of blows to come
When the lies lay twisted behind your life;
A good man holds his temper in check.
Or how weak they may appear.
The blood that falls freely
The hopes and dreams destroyed
That is finely done and so much hurt
And more hurt and pain~

The anger that is built on stone
Twists the heart of lies
What does it matter
If you are black, brown or blue
We are human too
There are those that do or die
So maybe the hurt,
The pain will be no more~
© Debbie Brooks-Langford

Creation of Racism?

The creation of racism not understandable at all
Having a dominant race over another makes me cringe
So many laws and policies to keep the inferior race in order
Hatred, greed and a sense of entitlement gave
Those of our day the arrogance needed to make
Makes one want to die trying~

Please treat all with love and respect
But there are those that treat the very people
That they expect to exploit and abuse with decency
And equality, evil presides. Evil lives~

The major problem with Racism besides
The obvious, which is, that it's wrong.
An evident Evil, straight from Hell

Is how could a completely wiser and
Extremely more educated society accept
Racism as a living and productive system in
The twenty first century, is unbelievable
We must stop this; everyone is equal in the
eyes of God~

©Debbie Brooks-Langford


If the willows cry forever more
If the lilies fade from existence
And the butterflies don't fly
Would tears still flow??
If people only see themselves 
No cares for other life's
With hatred for other color
Would hearts turn to stone?
Why do men hurt the other? 
Why does color matter so?
After all the willow grows
The Lillie blooms
And the butterflies thrive~
Hatred towards another shows ignorance 
Selfishness points to lawlessness
Killings show evilness
Tears forget to flow in togetherness~
Why can't we unite? 
Why can't we love?
Why can't we lay down arms?
Why can't we love all???
Let's hold each other hands 
Let's care when we can
Let's be what we all should be
Open our hearts and eyes and see
Unite, love your fellow man~
Have a heart. Please show you care
Help one another…ask our Lord
To help you along the way~
Love, love, and unite
If you really care ~
Debbie Brooks- Langford

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