When I was little,
I was always in trouble.
I was forbidden from playing with my friend Josette
because she was 'bad blood'.
From the Island of Martinique,
her skin was the colour of rich coffee.
Once, we decided to check her bad blood.
Armed with razor blades,
we cut our wrists deep.
To our surprise, the same red flew from our veins
and mixed on the ground.
Later, we were found unconscious in each other's arms.
Adults showed no mercy
but the faded scar on my wrist reminds me always
of the lesson I learnt that day.
Same red!


This poem is in a drabble form or micro fiction, exactly one hundred words, without the title.


Take my hand
My friend,
Don't hate me
Don't hurt me
Because I am different.
Let's not follow the ignorant.
You and I
Let's not deny
Our sacred bond.
We belong
To the Human race,
We must embrace
Our diversities
And built fraternities
All around us
To eradicate racism
And fascism.
I will  take your hand
My friend,
I won't hate you
Nor hurt you.
Your culture, your colour
Are also my pride, my honour.



Brexit, what was it all about?
Was it truly to be in or to be out
The lame thing that is European Union?
It caused quite a sensation!

But the real problem is now!
Brexit has opened a door to allow
Attacks on foreigners
By frustrated ignorant quarrellers.

In Britain, racism was hidden
But was there. Now it must be overridden,
For the world cannot survive
If racism and segregation go in overdrive.

Brexit or not, all nations need to work together
No race has the right to  feel superior to another.
This is only an excuse to rob other countries
Of their natural resources, taking away their dignity.



The first black child to go to an all white school,
So was so little, she thought the crowd shouting
Were a carnival crowd, she thought it cool
Until she realised it was her they were jeering.

Yet, Ruby Bridges never falter, day after day
She went to school under the marshals' protection.
Other pupils, withdrawn by their parents had ran away,
People in New Orleans did not want the  desegregation.

Eventually, all the fuss died down as fuss usually does
And Ruby was the link, the beacon of hope for a nation
In great pain from ignorance. It was time to take the pus
Out of the wounds and to reject racism and segregation.

Francine Samuel
Living In UK

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