Le racisme od la race

Red river of knives,
of witless words from useless mouths-
swastika of fiend...


Words - knifes never sleep
Always on the alert, day and night,
They attack without thinking twice,...
With lightening speed so fast...

Words - torturers drink nothing but blood,
Have been found an ally in anger,
As far as possible they hurt stronger
to see a hell knife in helpless hearts...

Centuries pass by, people pass away,
New day, new lives, new words will come
But hunted words still the same without any respect
Only time they are satisfied -
when somebody on his knees...

Never say bad words to anybody
Sonner or later they will be back to you...


If we are here only for a while,
Then who needs this hate?
Do not listen to the mind......
Just open your heart
To the soft winds and stars
And hear the bona fide voice within-
If we are here only for a while
Then who needs this pain of doubts?
Every day the truth shines like a flame
Somewhere in the middle...
A long way beyond this realm-
Somewhere between the fingers
Of a new SUN RISING...

Anna Zapalska
Poland. Living in England

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