Nkele Mathiba


My skin talks to my ethnicity,
it says you are an African
from the smell of apartheid to the scent of the freedom.
From the the smog of the struggle to the smoke of success.
Africa you never died,
you remained the land for our ancestors,
Africa you gave us all the answers.
Africa you remained a shelter for the homeless,
you made a shelter for our homeless minds,
you planted success in our yards,
you let them give birth
and got the darkness in our eyes doomed.

Stars may shine,
lights may sparkle,
rains may fall,
snakes may slither
purring with viciousness
But Africa you remained my home,
Africa my stone.

Africa, Africa
I was born in your hands
Africa you gave me wisdom
Africa thank you for the freedom!


I lost my life on a page,
nothing mattered but my age.
I wrote my heart down on ink,
I read the story of my brains
and I thought... life is life,
and the opposite of death.

I lost and found myself on my own shelf.
I am a young woman with bright eyes,
I can pay attention to my future without any need of a price,
I do not need to be told about the light
because I am wise.


Look at my face,
eyes as a new born snail,
motions in motions with my walks,
Listen to my voice when I talk,
my ears will never shut their doors when I speak my mind.

My beauty never lied,
my visions awaked the blind,
my wings wave peace in the sky,
my voice like a love song,
my tears flow,
I am an angel.

My mind is shaped in all angles,
my heart beats as I sing my soul,
i dig myself like a hole.
I am an angel,
a pretty angel from paradise,
milky tears on my cheeks,
crying from my eyelids.
Symbolise that I'm strong.

I am an angel and I love myself!
Fork and knife, I eat my respect,
peer pressure on reject,
hatred and jealousy in a box.
I am an angel.

Nkele Mathiba
South Africa

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