I wish no longer
see military parades
people celebrating
independence days
colored flags waving
over schools and palaces
manors and castles
Hear patriotic hymns
and people's praises
for soldiers ' valor
the greater their courage
the more the blood shed
May wise hands reward with
golden medals
men fighting for peace
today and ever
Let's all remove
each war's hero
from history books
and men' s minds
today and ever
Each nation a piece of
a common world
of a planet suspended
in the endless void
all around
the space unknown
Let's all dream
One nation One people
our common flag the sky
our common nation the world
Maria Miraglia


Lives lost in dark waters
nameless bodies
lined up on the shore
unalike the colors of their skins
their faiths their beliefs
united, now
in a common doom

Grimaces of pain
among the bystanders
vanishing away
like the dark colors of night
at the first light of dawn

Men and women
in far lands
still wait for boats
still will face remote seas
still will die
along their harrowing calvary
towards hope

And, the concentrations camps
are still there
spectral places where
you can still hear the moans
of thousands people,
victims of the human folly
the bombs on HIroshima or Nagasaki
are not far memories
the fumes of the burned bodies
can still be smelt in the air

And you and me
and we
blind and deaf in front of
the human miseries
still talk of wars
as of soccer games

You are right, my friend
hard are the men's hearts and
evil still prevails over good


The winds blow
and a sense of sadness
overhangs the silence
The mind free
as a seagull
spreads its wings
to hover high in the sky
Towns and villages burnt
here and there
smell of death
homes destroyed
men fleeing, terrified
children crying, hungry
mangled humans' bodies
left to the worms' greed
The bloody hands
raised to the sky in victory
of men made
of the same substance
shouting the name of their god
a God they have never known
The heavenly mantle darkens
menacing the clouds now
in torrents falls the rain
thunders and lightenings
pierce the sky
Each raindrop
a holy tear
a tear of sorrow
each thunder an angel's cry
a cry of pain
to awaken
the human consciousnesses
by Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved.

Maria Miraglia
all rights reserved, Jan 2015

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