Why do we hate
Because they are different
Because of the color of their skin
Because they worship differently
Because they speak a different language
Because the were born with a deformity
Because they simply wear glasses
Because their clothes are hand me downs
Because they don't have the latest cool cell phone
Because they are mental
Because their parents still like to know
Where they go
Who they are with
And what they are doing
Because they can't afford a cool car
They live in that run down house around the corner
They just don't get it do they
June14, 2016


What's wrong?
Why is it happening?
Is there something in the water?
Is it that bad?
Whose fault is it?

Questions of the day
We can no longer play
Because they just won't stay
Isn't that always the way?

There is a lot of madness in this world
People are experiencing a lot of sadness these days
Everyone has a purpose
But they haven't yet determined what that is

Is it society's fault?
What about you!
It must be your fault
But we all harbour the blame

Everyone is emmersed in their own little corners of the world
Doing their own things
Being, living and working
Very productive lives

They have what they need
To get their work done
To play
And to laugh

But there are others who feel they have no corner
No future
No where to go
No time left

These are the ones
The ones we need to watch for
They are the ones
Who are unsettled

They can't survive
They are disturbed
They are totally lost
Their minds can't think anymore

And it's happening all over the world
At different times
Different places
And very different ways

They rob
They steel
They plot
They kill

They are mass muderers
They are the rapers
They are the drug addicts
And the dealers

They are men
And children
And they could care less

Less about women
Less about the elderly
Less about children
Less about the mentally ill
Less about the homeless
Less about the animals

We need to take hold
We need to create statements that are bold
We need a life with order
A life with empathy

We need new laws
Stronger laws
With stronger language
And stronger meaning

We need our leaders to lead
We need the system to respond
The system needs strength
The system needs a good foundation

Our voices need to be clearer
Our voices need to be louder
Our voices need numbers
Our voices really need to be heard

So I say this.....

Advocate for everything you can
Stand up to everything bad
Take a stand for all that is good
Take good care of each other

We must take control of our destiny
We must chart a new course
Be in support of everything that creates good
We must work to eradicate that which poisons the world

Hold on to your dreams
And make them happen
Look out for one another
And we must believe in each other

Deborah Thompson 20/03/2015


I Hate You!
I don't have to like you
You are a brown person
Are you a person?
You don't look like me
You don't do normal things
That music you listen to
It's jungle bunny music
It is annoying is what it is
Then the other jubberish
You brownies and darkies listen to
What's that stuff called
Oh Yeah!!
RAP Music
More like RAP CRAP
That constant non-stop beat
So annoying
Talking guns, sex and violence
Always violence
All those so called rappers
Always someone going to jail
But listen to yourselves
You browners are always at the Centre
The Centre of gun violence
Brownies are druggies
Money for drugs
Stealing for money for drugs
Pimpinig for money for drugs
Shooting each other for drugs
Shooting each other for money for drugs
Brownies and blackies
Go Home!!
Go back to Africa where you belong!
And you Chinks!!
Go back to China!!
You no need here
We no want you here
No want you
You all crowd in together
Five families in one house
Lots of rats and mice
We no need you
Dirty people
Who eat family pets
Dogs and cats
Boiled alive
What kind of sick people do that!!
You no need here
We no want you here
You need go home
Go home fast
Before brownies and blackies
They kill you Chinkies!!
You all crazy bad
You come here
You buy all our houses
Leave nothing for US!!
The only thing you are good for

What will the world do!!
Black Lives Matter!!
Every where you go!!
The whole world
There is so much hate in the world
There are so many groups
Who have become marginalized
Who have become
A lesser than normal
Hated group
For whatever they do
Or whatever they can't do
We have a group
Who are nothing more
Than a killing machine
Trying to wipe out humanity

Humans of all faiths
And of all race
Are the most misunderstood animal
In the world
Yes we are humans
We are at the top of the food chain
But we are still regarded as animal
Well maybe Mammal
No not mammal
Pure animal
We see other animals
As lesser than humans
Other animals
Don't destroy for wealth
They don't kill for enjoyment
They hunt to live
They don't misuse our resources
Or slowly kill our planet
We are all animals
Some are just different than others
Some live differently than others

Yes we are mammals
We are a subgroup of mammals
The group of great apes
Our closest relative
In the animal world
The Chimpanzee
We are all equal in the animal world
We are all from the same group
But we have differences within us
That is what gives the human race
It's diversity
If we were all the same
We would be boring as hell
With each other
Instead the diversity
Is causing adversity
Something we need to change
Something to be challenged
Something to be corrected
Under GOD
All men are crated equal
All men should therefore
Stand together
To fight the EVIL
That lives among us
That is raging in our world today
STOP all who pollute
STOP all who are drugging our young
STOP all who choose the wrong path


Let us teach GOOD
Let us teach LOVE
Let us EMBRACE diversity
To accomplish much more
It's time to put our differences aside
Time to correct the bad
Time to take care of our planet
Time to take care of each other
Time for love, peace and harmony
It's just our time
To rise up above the shadows
And enjoy the bright sunshine
AND LIVE for the common purpose
As we are all doomed
If we don't!!
July 5, 2016

Deborah Thompson
Ontario, Canada

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