In the vastness of this universe people in different places are from one God who created Adam and Eve

Scattered along the big and huge continents separated by big oceans and boarders of land..

Leaders rule each of their places protecting their lands that separates people near and far..

They are uncontented  they keep striving for prestige, power and fame. Their ego divides the races..

But we only have a short life living on this earth...let's not waste our breath.

On the later days, we from ashes will turn back into ashes..to our coming generation what legacy we wished to leave?

Why can't  we teach Love by means of our deeds. As an example, can we set ourselves?
We can change the world..let's move hand in hand against racism..let's be optimistic..

On the judgment day.. God won't ask us from where are we..
We don't need to fight
Let's spread love to each
Let's contemplate for the best, let's abide and behave

We breath the same air..same color of blood running our veins
We have heart that feels..why cant we be humble enough, listen to each, patch up our grudges..

Yes we are human... we are imperfect  but it doesn't mean we continue to live greedily and keep too much anger and wrath.. why can't we make ourselves be a bridge towards peace

In this world..We may have different  beliefs..but let's love one another never minding the race..  as we are created by one God.. our almighty God of Love..


To understand love we must  love first ourselves.. Let's dance with the moving delight of this world so great..let's know how lucky we are having a chance to breath..

Try to look at the person at your side...are you giving his face aglow? Is he a reflection of you?..have you uttered words of kindness that sooth to his innermost? Remember love is contagious.

Love  will manifest unselfishness.. what you shine to others will be a sunshine to all..extend your magnificent  love to a person.. and your love will become a moving inspiration.. and so forth..and so on...

Love is an armour against racism..love is a powerful protection  more than any guns and explosions.. our souls will graciously  shine upon its practice.. if we just believe the power of love is such a luminous grace

To love ourselves is to love our families  and so our communities.  it won't stop us loving only just for our countries.. we can love the whole world by simply trusting that it's essence is more than gold

Our gleaming rays from the core within will give its light to all the races  of the world


May this ink will spill the color you love to see, to open your eyes reading what I wish to convey

That may this ink of mine will cease the movement of the sea as it draws to ebb it gives us solace  as we breath

May it will be mixed with the ripples of the moving clouds and promulgates peace whilst it's l being viewed by all the living creatures of this world

May this ink splashes love to touch insensible hearts to embrace the world with love and dominate the earth through the wisdom it speaks

May this ink will drizzle  the beauty in me.. my thoughts and my heart will envelop the whole world through the omnipotent gift unto me being bestowed..

May this ink.. be the ink to conquer the hatred of the world and will bring Oneness to me and Thee...

..And may this ink will give us the glory enlightened by the Mighty Spirit..It will speak the word of God .. and not mine to say..

Helen Sarita

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  1. wow Helen simply awesome poetry agaisnt Racism.. you are a star girlfriend..