she is more than you will ever know
because you would never take the time to know her
she is witty and charming and beautiful and black
her skin the color of milk chocolate
and her soul just as sweet, as are her kisses

explanations should not be necessary, but I will
I see people, just people, all one race; the human race
the color of her skin means nothing more
it is color, like the color of her hair or her eyes
I see the fire in those eyes and the rainbow in her soul

she is gentle and kind and has a passion for life
this girl is smart and funny and has a smile that shines
but you would just pass her by without a glance
murmuring something derogatory under your stale breath
and being the lady she is, she would simply ignore you

so you just move along, your opinions mean nothing
she is my life and my happiness and I love her fiercely
trifle with her and I would defend her with my life
so you just pack up your little bigotries and leave us
in our world we are all God's children equally...



white people are not actually white
and black people are not actually black
we are pink and beige and brown and tan
we are all simply the color of our skin
and that changes with the weather....

we are all the color of flesh, flesh is merely that
we are one race, one species...the human race
we hail from the four corners of the planet
but his planet is our domain; it is our territory
the human animal is sophisticated and complex...

we are also naive and fearful and rather stupid
someone, somewhere, sometime long ago
decided that the color of our skin had some bearance
that our pigment implied something about us
and that a particular tone of flesh should be better

there are two distinct types of life on this planet
plants and animals, and though some may argue
we are animals; just as cats and dogs and lions and bears
every species comes in a multitude of colors, it's nature's way
how dismal a place the world would be devoid of colors....



a battle since time began
from the first time man judged man
seeking that which is the same
seeing skin but not the flame

all hearts beat the rhythm of life
all bleed red when cut by a knife
why is different something to fear
to ridicule with verbal smear

men of good character close their eyes
they turn their heads and ignore the lies
but the ignorant hear and believe
and loudly preach what they perceive

in truth man is simply man good and bad
having nothing to do with the skin they clad
less we forget we are all of one race
our own destruction we may one day face...

Linda Thomas
United States of America


  1. hello Linda.. Your poetry agaisnt racism is right to the point.. I wish everyone can read this. excellent poetry

  2. Very powerful. Thank you for putting words to my beliefs and values. We are one.