Something strange...
it flows here and there
is it a human loss, or could
we call it 'Change..
Human being since his birth,
was gifted something
called life ...yes life ...
but to switch on his own light
far from hate, racism or fight..
So strange... So strange 
to search love
between the frozen lines
so strange to search love
in the eagerness of tears
and the hunger of smiles
so strange to search love while
the folder is empty from files
but why love keeps his head 
bowed down as if his sun
sets and will never shine
why love sees his destiny
between zero and nine
why he looks so tired as if
he worked in the unseen mines
May be life didnt forget love
but just busy with
the negative dialectics
that made its bag so heavy
but after each voyage
in the depth of sea or
on the warmth of sand
life with love will stand,
put hand in hand
and that's her:
'unforgettable amend


In my dreams I met him
His clothes were in green
His wings were big and long
His head was raised up and he looked too strong
His nose was sharp
His eyes were black and dark

With so sad voice he screamed :
I'm the seeker of love
I'm the seeker of peace
But I feel apart..
I crossed many oceans of this world
I look silent but ..
 in my heart hides billions of words

In my road toward peace
I suffered a lot
I missed my sons smiles
my mother hugs and kisses

In my road toward peace
I climbed mountains ,
slept in forests , caves
and met eagles from different races

In my road toward peace
I saw seas of bloods
Innocent faces were too sad
I saw racism ,oppression
on sofas sitting...
while poverty ,homeless ,jobless
were begging them to feel their suffering

In my road toward peace
I had never forgotten my belief
My faith ,my love to my country
and my duty were great and deep
For love and peace
I'll seek and seek ...


The tears invaded my eyes
when you gathered your luggage and left
Oh Maya!!
I couldn't say you Good Bye..
since I supposed it a white lie

Oh Maya!!
Tell me where could I find
the magic of your smiles?
Tell me where could I find
your humour endless files?
Tell me where could I find
the cleverness of your simplicity
and the beauty of your style?

Oh yeah Maya!
the caged bird sings in summer,
autumn, winter and spring
The caged bird through the serenity of your words
becomes a king with magical wings ..
the wings which spread love and peace
not racism or violence...
Oh yeah Maya!
You were as a radiant light on earth
Now you are an angel in heaven
In each corner of the world
We all love you
and we all rise up one slogan:
Maya you are a priceless treasure
You were,you are and you 'll be in our hearts


Swiming in different oceans
Meeting with many races
Recognizing vivacious faces
While the others were vanished in life’s desert
Without let their traces

My heart decides to keep discret
To keep his own feet
But my dream will never sleep
My principle is so clear
and my faith is so deep

I would like to be as the rain
As it falls on hut it falls on castle
As it falls on the black it falls on the white

The rain, yes the rain...
Despite her exhaustion
She had never forgotten her song
nor her refrain..

Nassira Nezzar

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