We are all one family.

One body and one soul
having different experiences

But right now most of us are experiencing the same.

A family so dysfunctional that it uses
its greatest gift creativity
to find the cruelest ways to hurt eachother

It's unlimited capacity for creative heroism
to horde material, land and souls
to pleasure the desire for power, control and death.

The subjugation of its own blood
to slavery and bondage.

The Cannabilization of the soul itself

I can not fight it because the dysfunction
is fueled by violence and the pollution of my soul will bring me to the dark side

And I will become a destroyer of worlds
hating the haters and killing the killers.
Creating tools of mass extinction

I must resist my instincts and fall for faith.

Faith in that the good in all will ignite by example
and that no man want to sin out of free will.

I have climbed to the top of the cliff
ready to do the unthinkable
and I plunge myself mercilessly into the light

Diving in to the unknown
letting go of anger
judgement resentment and hate

Towards those who in anger
Judge, resent, hate and slaughter

Letting the polluted water
cleanse my polluted mind
from the wrongs that have been done to me

And extend to those who sin my sympathy
because they are blind to the fact
that they are hurting themselves

Trusting that the one who do me wrong,
my killer when I sit in peaceful resistance

Will awaken by his sin and in despair throw down his arms and surrender to love

In the complete realization that the man stuck to his Bayonettare more of a brother to him than the men who sent them both to die.

Both puppets in a pervasive invasion
of confusion. Fighting for the pleasures
of those fallen to darkness.

Jonas S Lundström


I killed you!
No excuse

And now I must
become the one
who refuse

To obey
what they say:

- That killing you
was ok!

I will let
everyone hear

That I killed you
out of fear

of my own

And not by any
natural reaction

Forgive me!


A thirst for something more
than the human spectacle
has driven me out into the desert

A barren landscape beyond despair
Here there are no theater salons, no actors
The great tragedy does not play here

I can finally live
though there is no water here
so I die soon enough

But I die happy
knowing that the voices
was not from the inside

Knowing that my natural state
is not one at war with myself,
that the Leviathan was behind it all

Jonas S Lundström,
Bergkvara. SWEDEN

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