To the bravest of poets crossing the line
stiffen your shoulder
and hold your head up high, and
fight the fight indexing the unchallenged sublime.
So many fights against so many rights
we shall bend the ebb and tide with words.
You shall be accosted
for your wisdoms
will unseat the controlling forces at bay
and surely some of us will die.
Justified as a peaceful War against prejudice
we can only breathe these toxicities
and march forward
carrying a flag against these blue burdens.
Harassed and condemned
the truth will cut its way like a razor
as the Queen is unspun
and all the powers of State are dethroned.

Be prideful with humble honors
and become the Spiritual answer of the age
for in our simple design we shall forge
and thrust ourselves into the new millennium.

We waist time in the luxury of our existence
while suffrages wane in the distance.
Political faces easily lead people
yet the ‘untold tears’ shall fall from poets eyes.

Cry for the nation… cry for the people…
for Gods eyes are red from the strife we carry daily.

Give of yourself completely….
when the focus of your mind is on the World.

Waste not a single word- on the contrite.

Ricardo Antonio Garcia