They say we are all born free and equal in dignity and rights
Yet, millions face discrimination and equality is eluding their sights
Race, sex, language and religion. they form the basis for persecution
The victims face ethnic hatred, and in their own country they live in destitution

In God's galaxy, each and every one of us is an equal star
Does it matter what color is your skin and who you are?
When people lay at night, in their blissful slumber, they have colorful dreams
Awaking one finds, the world is still black & white, the bitter reality that gleam

It is the fact that the ink is black and the page is white
With them we all learn how to read and write
Like that some people are black and some are white
In peace, why can't we together learn to live and mitigate the plight?

We are born of love, yet many racial victims die because of hate
Don't segregate humans by color, on their true worth you do them rate
Racism is a venom, beware of it and for humanity's sake resolve to eradicate
For peace and harmony, let good sense prevail , and from your heart, let love generate

(c) K.Radhakrishnan


My heart, your heart, and their heart all have this burning desire,

To create a world where everyone lives in harmony, that's our prayer,

We humans represent the culmination of grand experiment of Nature,

The purpose of this experiment is to preserve and maintain life in every creature.

But sadly, we have unspeakable history of greed,hatred, brutality, and war,

We are prone to shocking violence, depravity,indifference, cruelty and more,

There is genocide, terrorism,starvation, crime, drug abuse and many problems,

The exploding population adds fuel to already blazing fire to sustain problems.

The greatest of all paradoxes has been the the riddle of human nature,

We are capable of immense love but also of shocking atrocity that is the danger,

But all hope is not lost, we can still heal the world, with our determination,

With universal love, and compassion, let us march ahead to our destination

Good intention makes all the difference, let our intention be focused on world peace,

Let us create a love inspired environment in the world,for mutual love can only bring the peace,

To heal the world, its time to make a new beginning and create a new path leading to love,

Let us have no conflicts, more understanding and have a new language of full of love.

Love can conquer the great divide,love can unify and cure all ills of the world,

The force of love can sweep all the social ills and heal all sufferings of the world,

We humans do not lack the ability to fix the world, it is only that we lack the will,

Let us all be healers armed with unlimited love and compassion be the effective pill.

Let us start healing the world and make Michael Jackson's dream a reality,

Let us all get aligned with truth and participate in making the dream world a reality,

Let us heal the world, make it a better place, for you, for me and the human race,

Let us transform the world, mitigate sufferings and bring smile on everyone's face.

© K.Radhakrishnan


One life, one love and one world is the desire deep buried in our heart,

Together as one, but all we need is to make a honest and sincere start,

In our war torn world, hate, violence and terror pose threat to our existence,

Let's break the barriers, for peace and harmony is the solution to our subsistence.

We have the gift of life on earth but life is short and so quickly it is fleeting away,

With love in our heart, love in our talks, love in our deeds, let's make a pathway,

To heal the world and make it a better place , for you and for me,and the human race,

We get caught up in trying to fulfill our needs, but love is the only thing that fills empty space .

It is for us to create enough space in our heart for thoughts of love to land and to expand,

Let love overtake us, let love animate us, flowing from our heart in to our hugging hands,

Pure love streams in heaven, and more of that essence of love is streaming in to our lives,

Love fills us like light, love that is everlasting, eternal , the more you give it always thrives

Oh Lord, lead us towards one world, one universe with full of love and we will surely follow,

For hate wraps it's cold hand around our heart and make it hard like stone, narrow and hollow,

Oh, God, be our shield, and we will be the weapon to fight all perversions of this beautiful world,

With you to lead, under your divine light , we will get enlightened to make the love unfurled

We all live in one world that cries the same tears, that search for the same dreams and hopes,

We all have one life, one heart, one soul ,one vision , one essence, one notion and one scope,

Love sees no color, no race, no gender, no religion, for God made everything out of love,

With our one life , with the power of love, let our dreams fly, to make this world as peaceful as a dove.

Bhopal. M.P. India