Freedom of thoughts, speech and action are vital in democracy;
Individual rights, common freedom are the mark of democracy;
Liberty, equality, fraternity and justice survive democracy and
Legislature, bureaucracy, judiciary and press are its pillars ever.

Of all forms of govt., parliamentary form of democracy is the best
To govern people of a nation in the world like the UNO does now!
UNO is the world parliament growing to govern the world people
Paving the way for One World Govt. with all the consent of nations!

Monarchy, military dictatorship and autocracy are all over everywhere!
Secular democracy is the best all strive to have all over the world now;
Some religious fanatics and old political ideologists are the stumbling
Hurdles blocking the progress of free people all over the world now....!

By spread of good education and moral principles, world people's dream
Of creating One World Utopia will become a reality sooner or later sure!

Real freedom lies in the transcendence of social convention
And govt. restriction with full rights and liberty to do all...!
There shouldn't be any interference in the individual's work
Not affecting society, govt. and nation anywhere in the world!

Such a kind of freedom one can enjoy only in democratic State
With reforms providing facility for individuals to do as they wish!
Democracy is not another kind of modern dictatorship rule ever;
Democracy lies in people's power to do whatever they like sure!

When nations unite into a single whole as one world nation sure,
Then Utopia can be translated into reality fulfilling the dreams of
Intellectuals and freedom loving people of the past, present and ever
Bringing heaven on the Earth sans the necessity of dreaming heaven!

Present day hell of Earth can become heaven of Earth, only when
All are free to think, express and do whatever all like anywhere.....!

World union is the great dream of
Peace loving intellectuals in all ages;
Starting from Francis Bacon of 16th
Century to Albert Einstein of 20th
Century, the dream is ever continuing!

After the two World Wars only first,
The formation of Leagues of Nations
And finally United Nations Organization
Have had the shape and formation of world
Union to avert war and promote peace!

With the approval of all nations, if the UNO
Turns to be the World Parliament, that great
Dream will surely become a reality sooner or
Later as there is no other go to save the world
From threats of terrorism and destruction.....!

Now the unions like European union, African
Union and developing Asian Union Community
Along with the possible unions of North Asia,
North America and South America are surely gaining
Strength to strength for the formation of world Union!

T A Ramesh
Pondicherry, India


  1. Nice one....i present full verse on this concept..No freedom in fact

    Freedom and liberty go together
    It can’t alter
    The fate of society or nation
    If it is always quoted out of relation

    Freedom of speech does not mean you air an allegation
    Try to throw mud on person without any foundation
    Demonstrate against duly elected government for bringing down fall
    Use media service for propaganda call

    How come freedom be enjoyed then?
    Where judiciary is crippled
    You get no justice for years
    Normal public is in tears

    We are professing monocracy
    You get mob on hire for outcry
    It is demonstrated as if parties are for welfare
    But it is after gaining only power

    The judiciary should be give more thrust
    All the vacancies are to be filled with posts
    Tough stand should be taken on violators
    People should be educated on the role of jurors

    So peace is eluded
    Nations are intimidated
    The freedom and liberty concept is outdated
    People are living in hell when totally unequaled

  2. Thank you for your poetic appreciation of my poem, my friend!

  3. Brilliant ideas for the creation of one world

    1. Thank you for your appreciation regarding one world union, my dear friend!