I speak in the language unspoken by you
I bear a culture which is not yours
Is that a reason why you despise me so?
Yes ! I differ
Differ from you
In my words, my linguistic expression
You want me to follow you
Or give me an indifferent eye, But why?
When I am no different from you
In the soul of our hearts
Or the color of our thoughts
Can we not vibe?
You say you belong to this state and I ain’t a part of it
Why my language becomes a wall, Why the torture and abuse?
You drive me away, you kill my job
You do everything to show me how I differ from you
Its a linguistic difference, in words but not in thoughts
How does it make me lesser? Why biased a view you induce?
27/6/2016, Copyright:Jhimly


I am Black, I am brown, I am yellow, I am red,
I am Colored ,
That’s the name, the world gave
My  Eyes are chinky, my lips are thick ,
My height is short, my hair curled,  or its black
I am named an Indian, I am named a Tribal,
An aborigine, I am a native
And, that’s the name the world gave.

Since my birth, I see this thought
Running  down from generation to generation
Since my birth I am restrained
Form places and people I do not belong
I am kicked, I am abused,
I am dragged, I am defined
And why I wonder?
Ain’t  the God who gave us this world, aint He One for us all?
27/6/2016, Copyright: Jhimly


In the name of Faith you preach me difference
In the name of Culture you preach me hate
In the name of Rituals you divide and rule
Is this what Divinity pulls?

If I resent, you call me a traitor
If I ask why? You say, these are the rules of God
Without which, I cannot reach His abode
Hence I must follow and abide.

But God gave me a mind of my own
He gave me the power to think
When I see a Racist mind
I know it can never be rules of God.

For God is Love, and He is compassion
The Supreme, knowledge He forebears
Every word that teaches me brotherhood
Is God’s Word from the inner core.

Hence Stop teaching me hate
Stop teaching me racial discrimination
I belong to the Divine Soul
And my Brothers are no different at all.

27/6/2016, Copyright: Jhimly

Guwahati: India

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  1. ahhh stop teaching me hate... yess excellent poetry ... agasint racism.. You are a star girlfriend.. you never disappoint me..