Why then do I cry when pains?
Where then do I run to be saved?
Who then do I blame for my fade?
How then do I say it is great?
For my fade to be seen as a date
still true for my death it is pain Feel free it is warm it is lame
For my joy to be seen it is caged
True love never came to my same
Right now it is pain it is paid How the hell do I laugh when it rains
When my fade is dry in the lane
Fool who, for you to be great?
It is life it is great for the lames
Who am I to talk for the grave because still I will be its game
Till then I will cry to be saved For my soul to be touched to be tamed
Hope then will come in my days
Otherwise it's a wish and I am lame.


I can't I tried I failed,
I sought I found I lost,
I saw I said and sang
but still I cried my lungs.

The grave I made I dug
My soul I lost it cost,
Lame is, I am done
for I am rough and cut
One step is pain and plain,
My thoughts are more and mute
They build and shout and crash
My all is gone
My whole is lost and done,
It's weight I felt and fled
My sin is death I own,
I fought I lost I bled and smiled,
To you my joy was fake
My all was wrong and squeezed
My death, okay it's my fault,
I agree it's true am gone.


There's a heavy pain on top of my joy,
Little room nails scratching my whole,
All of me helpless and hopeless,
The goal was joy now in the goal mouth there's sore, Necessity to comprehend the whole thing
is no more appealing to my present.
How old am I to be fooled?
How long from now will it take to appeal to be true?
Yesterday I wasn't perfect but real in the mud
Now I appear to be but fake in the cart,
Who is fooling who I wonder? Who else shall say it louder than I?
The present seem to be unkind
And my kind seem to be non present,
Who am I to follow joy
When it's none in me in secret?
Who am I to laugh to the jokes of reality
when they are not at all?
Who am I to judge human nature with an eye
that see far closer than nowhere?
There's a walk for me to take
I realised, there's a lot at stake
Alone with me and me
I yell and yelp in silence Releasing each drop for joy to be found
Never the less there's none to be for I to smile.

T.B Magaela.
COUNTRY: South Africa
NATIONALITY: South African
PLACE: Pretoria.

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