Augusto Barbosa Neto Coura


As the wind zombie
the walls of the well burn me
I see pass by my side
the sweet scent of you
where I do not see you
in the solitude of night
Falls serene in the mud
made blood in heart
all the wind hissing
Kids laugh at me
I pretend I do not give ball
I am rosemary branch
that the shadow of rosebush
dance to the sound of the wind sad
offering her flowers
the Great Kiskadee that there flies

morning ... warm morning
where I saw the spring bloom
the springs in the garden of my house
morning ... warm morning
where the hummingbird fluttering
daring kissed the little flower
leaning on the balcony of my dreams
morning ... warm morning
where the jealous sun covered me with its rays
away from the kiss serenade
the beautiful moon at dawn
morning ... warm morning
all in the past
Bring me miss
the happiness that was.

I tried to hide  myself
from the drawbacks of  fate,
but the moonlight
made me having tears.
I tried to hide myself
from the hugs of happiness,
all in vain, I did not know
that my address
was written in the from of the destiny.
I only know that
ways and ways
I will find,
and in some place of the universe
I will anchor.

Augusto Barbosa Neto Coura
Born in Ponte Nova, MG, Lives in Florianópolis, SC. Brazil.

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