Hearts resonate to sound vibrations

More like a unison beat of many nations

It sees no rhyme or colorations

It just feels your unique divinations

Looking for a syllable, a word, a verse

But I quickly run out of

Because we are so diverse

Cannot look for what to compare

Because we are all made of the same Divine Light and Love

And that should be all we care

How the light adorns your features,

How the curve of your smile changes nature

How you beam at the sound of the beats

That all of our hearts together make when we meet.

~YRojas 6/10/2016


Let’s make peace and not war
Let’s be kind and always open doors
To let love in
To allow affections ring
To recognize compassion
For everyone in every kind
To discover we are all creatures of the mighty Divine

Let’s make serenity and harmony
Let’s make a treaty for order and armistice
To be friends and choose non-violence
To pray for freedom from all greedy thoughts
To become more attuned with scars and clots
To embrace healing for all in the world
I say we make peace, and not war.


An ancient formality,
Beliefs that become normality,
Growing up with such brutalities.

How can we allow this to be?
Enabling embedded hate,
Instead of joining forces,
We push and congratulate
Those in a minor status,
Unfortunate beings
Because that's how we're brought up
Is this how it ends?

Loving whomever you love,
Black, White or any shade of color
Liking the same sex,
It's just another human being:
Who are we to judge?
And decide whoever wins?

Are we perfect enough to allocate perfections?
Pin point the right directions
Of the existing Stand by Nations?
Controlling a finality
We think we know it all
Try to make it a rule......
An overall legality
In the end:
All we need is to embrace our uniqueness
And become our own neutrality

To rationalize the plaque
That we all have created
To embrace who we are
No matter your gender,
Your thoughts,
Your money
Or your races
To love and solidify:
As one nation under the Divine.

Yina Rojas
Originally born in the Caribbean Island of Dominican Republic.
Place of Living: Washington, DC.

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  1. hello Yina... wow this poetry is right on point.. excellent writing against racism..