Lying deserted in  the crowded  street,
The bruised bee analysing his actions for t his present state,
His insatiable wish shook his faith, questions
Lord  why......so....?
Today he is deprived from his love and longing ,
only for caste and colour sake,
It started with bee’s fascination for white lily  among the rally of green valley,
The beauteous white lily  ceased his rumbling race to rakes,
Blinded by its swinging fragrance,
The bees  search for sweet nectar ended in her grace,
Thanking the Creator  of beautiful park for this humble  stage,
That all the characters bear  red blood cell,
No discrimination  between  colour and race,
Just the pigmentation differs in various places,
Aha! So beautiful is this flowery bed,
But  what’s this??
The adamant white lily   ignored his presence,
Swinging beauteously  saying  her colour is dominant against his innocent  pledge,
She abused his love with sting of thorns, only  for caste and colour black,
Closed her heart to his  sincere efforts,
Hurt and shaken by her tone the dejected bee,
Burned the garden with the help of crew of bee,
The lovely garden  burned to ashes  only for ego for blood,
Lying in pool of red blood  he prays to God ,
Please Lord extinguish this fire of colour rage,
We are your children just bless us to rub the ego of colour race.


I woke up early ,
Yesterday’s night dream ,though weird ,
spirited my veins,
Filled my heart , full of solace,
In the dream I landed in the Garden of Eden,
Adam had not eaten the Apple then,
Saw every soul smiling and doing their duties without stress,
But just doing as if they are the God’s grace,
From the bough to bud dancing melodiously with nature’s buzz,
The serenity and calm doused my vision,
Wanted eagerly to stay little further,
Alarm beep broke my reverie,
I returned from trance ,then glanced my place with a question mark,
Why Adam tasted the Apple?
But Alas! Got no answer for my query!
And the things lingered in my memory.
The Lord’s beautiful theory of creation has no worry,
No sorry,no class ,no story,
Only the beautiful souls playing
And enacting their characters cheerfully,
Our desire ,cravings,greed,jealousy,
Pride,ego,superseded the heavenly qualities,
Thats why we are here suffering due to emotional affection,
Not detaching ourselves from earthly possession,
This misery is taking us far from original Eldarado Dream.


The fearless Mowgli  has slowed his pace,
His dreams dismantled to bits,
All his pride and prejudices for belonging to human gender,
Mocks ,saying its  fake............
This human domain is far more sophisticated than Jungle plinth,
Yet filled with chauvinism and greed,
The  world  filled with carnivorous creatures, with wild emotions,
His protruded nose could inhale the aroma of flesh and blood,
The scales of skin  lacks faith and brotherhood,
Friends or Foe behind the scene ,difficult to distinguish,
Missing the innocence of friendly love of his bosom animal friends,
Ballo(the bear),Bagheera(the black panther),Hathi(the elephant),
Their difference of breed never the rid in friendship grip,
Here the friendship buried inside the poly paper sheet,
The push and pull of power stab many innocent cells,
The air of hatred among the tribes kills the  race,
Oxygen mask needed to   avoid the polluted gas,
The purity of soul vanishes in search of material wire,
The Jungle animals were fearful of fire,
The inhabitants here play fire as fire brands,
Fire in blood, categories the blood to many tribe,
The generation divided to sects with no humane trace,
Humanity is there in Jungle among the breeds,
Mowgli being saved and brought by wolf parents, Akela and Raksha,
Traces of humanity lost among the bushes of ego,
The clash killed many innocent toddlers,
NO ..... No more I want to stay here,
Mowgli  cried loud,
This territory carries more Sher Khans (the lion),  King Louie(the orangutan ) and Kali(the snake)
They hunt   and kill the innocent prey more furiously
And deadlier than original villains in Jungle Play,
Mowgli  turned back and rushed for Jungle with lots of depression and heart break
Telling this is not my place to live .......

About The Poem -
Being inspired by the great  Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle Book, I attempted to pen my emotions in this  poem. The story  begins  after the main  protagonist leaves Jungle ,reaches to  human existence and seeing the prevailing situations ,his reactions, This piece is an imaginary episode not intended or personalised. Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli being brought up by wolves, protected by friends of  different breeds feel shattered after stepping to man’s world.

Lopamudra Mishra
Bhubaneswar. India