I was just a sailor
who loved to travel far
I never succeeded to give birth to none
But I found her in the garbage
I heard her voice screaming in there
I thought her scream meant
"I want to live"

I was drooling to offer life
I approached hoping to find
a semi-dead dog, cat or rat
No, it was more than that
it was a human being: My Girl!

She looked at me astounded
and she smiled
Her Chinese eyes were
so different than mine
but they pierced my heart and mind

I grabbed her and never abandoned her
I live for her...
My cancer will never beat Me
'cause I MUST continue to be
her Unbeatable Guardian Angel


My skin is pale
he has the chocolate color
Of course we are alike!
Our smile is heartfelt
and our teeth are white
We have the same wonderful sight
to the Universe
No differences in point of view
We love people with a love which only a few
can feel
He is my son in Africa
We speak with poetic word
He calls me Mama and
he claims
I can understand his feelings
better than anyone in this world


He told his son
in the playground
"Don't play with that girl
she's different than kids around"
He tries keeping him away
The lad is crying
"Father stop shouting"
I feel anger and rage
Hate aims to be rooted
in such a tender age
"Oh God" I pray
"Open people's eyes not to act
in a so despicable way"
We corrupt our kids
untouchable mind
We commit the greatest crime
against the entire humankind

Chryssa Velissariou
Larissa, Thessalia , Greece