Oh! Apartheid regime
You think yourself to be supreme
With all your rigid policies
imposing us on day-by-day
not even allowing us to pray
in our holy places.
Is this justified?
by people who claim themselves
to be God chosen people
and denying the rights of native people.
Your most moral army,
inflict various atrocities,
leading us to adversity and catastrophe,
killing innocent children and women,
You commit all kinds of crime,
and still claim yourself to be victimized.

@ Dr. Shamenaz Bano

Black, white & brown,
the color of skin still identifies,
race, ethnicity and nationality,
in this age of twenty-first century,
when we are living in a world
of rocket sciences, androids & cloans.
The world has become a global village
with the tremendous flow
of communication technology
but still some bigots believe
in superiority of color
making this beautiful world
a hypocritical, racist den.
Let us all unite against
all these racist dumb-folk,
by spreading the virtues
of love, peace and camaraderie.
@ Dr. Shamenaz Bano


The home-made clock,
mistaken to be a bomb,
by racist/fanatic dumb flock
has shook the entire globe,
Mohammad Ahmed! You really rock.

Why the colour of skin matters?
in the twentieth century dawn,
an achievement which needed applause
led a genius morally down,
an innocent being handcuffed with no cause.

Is his name the reason
for terror investigation?
But was any Mohammed or Ahmed
had led to the biggest world terror,
of fierce two World Wars?
Behind Hiroshima and Nagasaki blast,
or behind Jalliawalah massacre.

Ahmed, the world stand with you,
in pursuing your dreams and creations.
Let no incident hinder your progress,
Indeed we need such creative genius.
Make your parents and supporters proud,
with your creative works and devotion.

(In solidarity with Mohammed Ahmed, the boy who shook the world with his home-made clock)

Dr. Shamenaz Bano