Where is love,
There stands the beauty of  the Taj.
Where is hatred,
There remains the Holocaust.
Let's be united to create
An unbreakable bond
To live in peace and harmony
All nations
And religions
And to create a beautiful future
For us and those around us
And the generations to come.


More ghastly than the devilish
Worst ever an act of malice
It is not a crime in war
Nor it is a religious war,
Neither it’s a mere cruelty
Nor even a grisly war
It is the most brutal brutality,
Barbarism born of ill-mentality,
When crazed men
Armed with cursed guns
Burst into schools to kill
Children because of their race
Religions or creed.
An arrow on humanity’s heart
On the part of damned demons.
Let’s stand together brethren
To grieve the carnage of children
And to pray for the innocent souls.
Racism has many guises
It is an ill ever present
We can't disguise,
But in heart with an oath sacred,
With a will to bring to justice
To the demons and their malice
Let’s stand united together.
Let your sword blend with mine pen
To chop up the demon in its den
And to send the satans to hell
So the demised may lay in peace
So the concord may prevail
So the children may go to school.

 (Note: This poem is about the Peshawar massacre that occurred on 16 December 2014)


Racism is a gangrene
Rotting deep in the heart
Of those who harbor it.
There is no cure
Except through education
Of the children.
People of earth can't be apart,
This is not how the Gods planned it,
We must find a way for sure
To fight against this abomination.
Until then,
Let's the poets spread the message
Of Love and Harmony,
To write about an age
Racism will only be History.

Lokendra Porush
Nationality: Indian

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