In the sea of womb
Everything gets defined
If there are friends
Can there also be fiend?
Out into the world with light
Why is everyone so blind
White and yellow have less pain
And the tanned gets pined
Love is hated so hard
That it falls on the hind
Only because one is black
Or because one cannot find
The whiteness in divine


In the college vicinity
Two shots are fired
One hits the human body
The other transpires
To the world of hatred immense
Where lies the grievance
Of being born in a unique way
To be armed with a soliloquy
And please the never-pleasing minds
The armed leaves the firmament
Without the thirst being quenched
And tries to test the allies
Gathers and uses them to fly
Away the love stored
In the heart’s galore
And instill in it a machine
devoid of emotions and full of pain
to inflict others with the same
The world needs real hearts
that feel and sigh, Alas
and join hands to erode
the years-old epoch.


Carrying your race and colour
To a world unknown
Gets you caught up in a plethora
Of honeycomb
Wishing to be and acting like them
You move out of your cubbyhole
Reaching to the land of dreams
Where light-cum-lightening trolls
You are caught unaware
By the dangers lying ahead
Slowly it pulls you inside the quick sand
Knowing now who you are
It becomes difficult for you to bear
Your identity holds you responsible
For anything you do or anything you hear
You must now care
You must now care

Dr. Amna Shamim
Lucknow, India

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