Obnoxious weed in our garden
The most pungent odor ‘Racism’
Black curse till the soil and water
Blooms in full glory the ‘Hatred blossom’
Every dawn to dusk we breathe death
Killing in the name of color or faith
Thus have we grown to it so immune
Bodies lay scattered we walk unmoved
Brothers and sisters children on the same planet
Racism a pun, discriminate and eliminate
Is freedom handbills littering the street?
Or the dead bodies strewn as butchers meat.
Not until we sing psalms together
We love all for their content and matter.
Stop judging nations and skin color
Consider racism as the most potent terror
The day is not very far when we plough again
And peace weeds grow come next rain.


Racism a product of prejudiced society
The ghastly wound bleeding humanity
Foolish misconception of callous souls
Unsound yearning to stifle peace  unfolds
Bill approved , treaty signed in a government office
Sheets of paper can their conduct suffice?
The sold out politicians secretly agree
To suppress few voices that opine to sign decree
Money can buy even voices in favor
We silently watch, wait down the alley for terror.
Can't differentiate between black and white
Locked in the dungeon with no flicker of light
With each gruesome passing day
For an angelic light we pray
To kill the delusive macabre demon
Which feeds on humanity with many brutal teeth of incision.
Only prayers will not help I tell!
United we stand and this demon we quell.

Children born now aren't fed milk
They are fed hatred instead
Color-blind ,only see black and white
So meticulously taught to segregate
Growing up demons,gargoyles and cretins,
Give up toys with guns to play
Hide and seek with inner soul
Gasping to inhale decaying bone
Slaughter in the name of freedom
Synthesis of barbarism begins at home.
Spreads like wildfire conflagration  in rage
chars all black does it secern?
Realities left, realities fabricated or left to fate
Ignorant conscience preach color and religion .
Time to breed progeny of human not pseudo being
Or else start writing history books on humanity.

Nandita Samanta.
( Indian, living in India. From Saltlake Kolkata )

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