Walls of fake conservative believes
Walls of false relationships
Walls of superstitions
Walls of your super ego
Walls of artificial people
Walls of racism
Racism against innocent human beings
Walls of hatered
That surround you
With their selfish masks
And enter the world of
New and fresh thoughts
Thoughts that give you peace of mind
Thoughts that make you feel true
Thoughts that make you realize
That you are the oceon of possibilities
And cross all the barriers
That are hurdles
In the way of true success
Let's stretch your wings
And get your skies!



And started walking on the pavement
The road was busy
It was full moon night
I was murmuring
I was hurt and so depressed
Everday I had to face racism at my work place
I was talented and intelligent
But Black
Yesss!A Nigro!
My black colour was my bad luck
I was feeling tortured
Oh! My divine
Why I am so black, so ugly
No one likes me!
I was feeling neglected
So tense
Tears automatically rolling down on my cheeks
But I was helpless to stop it
I just wanted to sream !
And wanted to tear this sky with my sad shriek!
But who cares!
A lot of rules made by constitution
But no use
I reached my place
But in great despair
What to do!
A lot of suicidal cases happen due to depression
And I poor neglected soul committed suicide
Due to so called Racism!
We are getting advanced day by day
But the insect of racism is still killing our unity
Unity of brotherhood
Unity to share love and peace
No one is black
No one is white
We are all a beautiful souls
And children of that one divine!

Varsha Saran


Your soul started shrinking
Shrinking  of emotions
Shrinking of thoughts
Shrinking  of humanity
Shrinking of the world
Shrinking of you n ME
SO let's avoid this
Shrinking process
Think about large n big
Open your mind
And open your soul
Let's start spreading
Spreading The love
To remove our pain
The feeling of love
Can create unity
And unity creates peace
Peace creates the world
World to live in
A World to breath in
Breath of love n peace
Can change the whole!!
Varsha Saran


Some are whetish
Whereas some are White
Like the different colours of flowers
In a beautiful garden
World is the garden
World is the shelter for their survival
Earth is their mother
And Divine is thier father
We are different with each other
So many races , so many languages
But blood remains red
Red is the colour of love
Red is the colour for war n haterd
Sometimes we choose second one option
And spread discrimination
Haterd and terrorism n racism
Every person is unique
Like every colour of flower in a garden is essential to increase and maintain its beauty
Every race need love n peace
No ignorance please!
To cut off the racism from this earth

Varsha Saran

Lives in Meerut Utter Pradesh
Country... India
Nationality... Indian

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