I was a blank paper
You scribbled a flower on it
All around were smiles
And all felt drenched in fragrance.
You wrote word 'Love' on it
Everybody came in my embrace
Peace and love brought smiles on every face
You wrote ‘Hate’ on me
I began to sizzle hot like a boiling pot
Began to burn the hands touching me
You wrote ‘War’ on me
I saw myself smeared with blood
I saw the blasted limbs scattered
And shuddered  with black fear.

You wrote ‘Religion’ on me
I was divided into castes and creeds
I began to look weird and looked askance
You gave me name
I was changed into
Different names; God, Ram, Muhammad, Nanak
And numerous other names.
Before you wrote on me, I was a blank paper
Just a blank paper!!!!


Wake up from slumber of the dark
The Light is knocking at your door
Smiling with flowers
Giggling, smirking, laughing
With wide open arms to embrace
Come, flying birds asking you to soar high
The chirruping around invite you to sing along with
A green leaf is coming out of the bud
Extending hand of friendship to accept
Open your heart like the eternal spring
To cause a cool misty shiver in hearts
A kiss of the True love.

Wake up, come out to be with change of Life and Time
To serve - to be served
To love -to be loved
The Light with all colors calls for Oneness
And to see Oneness in The Whole
Come out to help the change around
Smilingly it asks for your hand
To move together.

The Light at your door calls
Come out at the call
With wide open arms
Smiling and giggling
Come out to help for the change.


I ask my reed
To remain with me
As I love her dearly, passionately
I ask her to talk when feel
Walk with me where I go
Make me talk if I am silent when I shouldn't.
You smile at me
When I love and caress
And fondle lovingly
I let you scribble my emotions
I open my heart to you, Oh, my reed, my Muse
I never forbade but ask you to express.

But I ask her also to go
And share sorrow of those who suffer
In streets, on footpaths, to weeping huts
To those who are made to sell their hands
Sell their minds as well as their flesh
Go to them, love them, think why it’s so!

Weep with them, laugh with them
I will go along with you to write what you feel,
How you stand for those who are suffering
Be with me to write for who are slaughtered
Whose body parts I see scattered in fields, schools
In homes, streets and in battle fields.
Write for those innocents who are killed by blasts
By demons of warfare and terror
Who distribute guns to kids instead of hands to help.

Remain with me to write for suffering in homes
In streets, in straw made huts


What's playing with games
What's playing with words
What's playing with emotions
What's playing with faith and trust!
Switching into smiles 'n frowns
Switching into laughter 'n cries
Switching into different masks to show off!

What a dream;
Dreaming from earth to sky
Dreaming from for heart to heart talk
Dreaming to dance cheek to cheek
Dreaming to jump the wall for face to face talk
Dreaming to walk hand to hand
Dreaming of all shining in the light of happiness

What's this thinking?
Thinking of breaking the barriers
Thinking of being one from different
Thinking of clearing the clouds from faces
Thinking of being what we dream of
Thinking of the meaning of love and hate
Thinking of meaning of life and death
Thinking of meaning of changing relations
Thinking of universal brotherhood and unity
Thinking of the needful change
Thinking of changing despair to hope

Mohinderdeep Grewal