I condemn all what is happening in the name of racism,
It's just giving rise to pessimism
Innocent lives are hunted and killed,
A line of hatred is now being build.
Houses are destroyed, homes a strayed,
People are burnt alive, some shot dead
Homeless seek refuge in neighborhood,
But there is no one so kind to do them any good.
I ask ,"why is this massacre in such a huge spree,
We are all humans ,why cannot we see?"
Earthlings born in the same mother earth
Its here we were raised since our birth.
I can see no borders if seen from a poet's eye,
And I promise it’s a truth, ain't a lie.
Who has given rise to all these?
Cannot we see that lives are not at ease?
World needs no war but only love and peace
So let's banish all evil and rule out hatred,
Share love, spread smiles and let's stand united.
No man should live in vain or pain,
Let not the dark history of wars repeat again.
We are all equal in caste or creed,
What matters is not the color but your deed.
Earth has only one religion that is love,
And we should follow it ,leaving all above.
Let this practice of race in the name of creed, color or caste,
Be banished in our far off past.
Let's strive to make the world a better place to live in,
And leave the earth as beautiful as it had been.
When we took our birth in this holy land
Let's get together and make it grand.



I loved a black man,
I wished he loved me,
But too much of bitterness ,
I was unable to see.
His tender childhood was bruised and wounded
So he travelled miles and an empire he founded.
With  guarded high walls,and stoned doors,
He couldn't just let anyone hurt him anymore.
Ruthless mankind harmed and scarred his life,
In his life he had been through only war and strife.
So when I gifted him my heartfelt love and desire,
It ignited his passions and gave it a fire.
Still his hatred for all white people across,
Couldn't let him come close to me and give him a toss.
Throughout he faced so much of racism ,
That he could not see a light in a prism.
I tried and tried but all in vain,
I failed to reduce his pain.
My love got lost in this racism war,
And my black lover bid me a goodbye and went away so far.



Whenever you try to curb my wings,
At the point of gun or at your mood swings
I rise up and fight against all odds
With me there is always the guard of my god.
The same God which you too worship and pray,
But its on this earth where you never want me to stay.
I don't know where I have wronged you
Or what is my mistake,hope I had knew.
Only one thing I see that my life has become hell,
Coz,everyday in the warship's sirens I hear a death bell.
My family was caught and killed to death
I couldn't see them even taking their last breath.
What did my two year son did to you?
I know he could take a steps few.
Or my beautiful daughter whom you raped with your gang,
Ohh!!I can still hear how sweetly she sang.
My husband, who was so religious and pious,
Was killed in all your bloodstream chaos.
I still ask almighty in the dark and light,
What was the reason for my life's such dreadful plight.
Was my religion the cause of all these war and strife?
Then I ask who made this religion when a child is given life?
If religion or racism the cause of this destruction?
That my life has stopped at the worst end of a junction.


Place of living-Kolkata,Westbengal

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  1. wow your poetry speaks out against the horrible racism that goes on.. I am in love with your awesome poetry.. you never disappoint me..