We are in the same dust
We never break our heart to one with another

Humanity is as strong as an iron
For racism is mixed breed

Racial discrimination with no color of skin
The white and black are brothers

Once it is reminded...
With no enemies among others

Let the heart be united
For the beautiful earth to settle

If this be united
This world will be in peaceful

Happiness be achieved
No worried with no confused

We never kill each other but respectful
Hoping the lives will be in paradise

Since our born are the same
With not having heart to hurt

Let sing together
That the lives is in harmony

With no different color of skin
With the same flesh created

Our soul is merely differentiated
With the same smell till to die



How can the tree be strong
If the human relation is collapsed
Meanwhile its leaves need watering

Be impossible for any lives
To establish the survival for a while
Since the racism haunted the lives

Where is the humanity?
Is it true for mankind to run the lives?
Let them think once or twice

Screaming for the racism
No gap for them at all
That the life be smootly run like a waterfall
No color of heart to differentiate
Though the skin is not the same

To unite one with others
That the lives be like grass growing up
With no season to choose
And no gap among



What i worry about is the sun
Which is really not giving lightning
Where as the mankind needs it each
But there should be no difference
With no racism among others
That be a hope for the lives
Since this life is short and fair
Though it looks like a bubble
It must have a value of existing
So far that this world will be smiling

Why should we kill each?
Why should we hate each other?
Why should a gap be there between you and me?
But the skin is not saying so
Though yours is much difference with mine
Never be a case of God to unite
That must be opposed to accept
Meanwhile the lives is not harmony
For the lives is once
If it is so?
What should be done?

Racism is a part of evil's work
Should be avoided
Not necessary be kept in mind
That is a hope that should be a dream
To normalize the mutual understanding
That man may not be separated
The man should be correlated with one to another
This principle against racism
We hope so for the next future
That the sun will spread its lighting
With a fully justice
But not oppression
Especially for the poor and the rich
Among the smart creatures and stupid
With no gap, with no gap



How can this world be prosperous
If there is no the same idea among
And it will be a dull

It is like an ignoring task simultaneously
The racism is an example of this

Not to submit the harmony
To build up a country

And this should be opposed
If not the lives will not be improved like the leaves

Whereas the trees will not be grown up
That be an effort to state

Why should racism come up
As long as this world hates discrimination

Meanwhile the mankind loves it
It is not really a fantastic

The poetic words merely urges
Words by words have a comment on it

The racism may not be spread like bees flying
If it is so that the lives be like a bullet to kill

Racism is a friend of oppression
They are brothers to talk each

Smart needs to settle these
Otherwise the lives has no lightning

And the lighting would not come to see
Since enemies be grown up surroundings

Let it be missing
That is the dream for futurity

And this world will be smiling
Prosperity is planted to be a fellow of PEACE



When the sun has no lightning
No case for the lives
But the only thing i worry about is racism
It may arise the gap amongst
For the lives will be meaningless

Where should we put our lives?
This should be in thought for many times
That racism will break human relation
Man is not living in the jungle
And the leaves of any trees might not agree
That racism should be dismissed
Since the mankind needs help
While God creates man for loving
And the man may not be selfish
From Adam and Eva contributed love
So as the man for living
And this world will be smiling



No matter how hot the sun i feel in lives
As long as its lightning comes into man's soul
But it makes man worried
If the lighting has no function at all

That be properly thought for a while
That must be likely the racism
It is a serious case for the mankind to run the lives
Let the racism be dismissed
Since man has the same substance
Created by God in the same dust
Let us think, let us think before coming into the silent land
sm /27/06/2016,copyright

Siamir Marulafau

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