In the snowy mist
In the darkest coal
You say
Sing songs full of sorrow
Let pain feed you sadness
Ye soul, with a frail tomorrow
Yours painted with darkness
You,a being of shame

With words full of fight
I replied,
Doesn't milk taste the same
To tongues black or white
Is the air smell different
For noses of a distinct pigment
The truth will stand right
One hand made us all
Male or female, big or small
For the sake of love, trade quo.


I have opened doors untouched
I have treaded on paths unmatched
My skin color sent me a cage
Of hate that's braved the age
They bury me with fatal words
My life is brushed of sad
Will it break the strong in me?
If I won't bleed to stabs
Will it swallow my self esteem?
If I can't give in to jabs
I,the darkness beyond doubt
The one light won't drive out.


The hills call for a warrior
They pour our their hearts for a saviour
Tears from souls desperate for equitable life
Tears from souls yearning for their deserved
Who shall stand to be counted
Yes I will
Yes I will

The heavens mourn over creation
What has pure turned unto
Of the same hand hate another
Like coin sides,obverse and reverse
They see not beyond the thick
Who shall stand for a viewpoint past skin
Pigmentation and preach of reconciliation
Yes I will
Yes I will

Time for the little warriors
Time for the renegades
Time to unmount the barriers
Time to heal the human race.

Warui Maina


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